adventures in lolla land day one

Friday marked day one of an epic weekend at Lollapalooza!!  What a gorgeous day it was!  Ever since Lolla last year, me and the hubs decided to make this a yearly tradition.  And with Jan Ban working the beer tent, it makes it 10x better.  You get to meet so many fun people at Lolla who are just there to listen to good music and have one heck of a good time.  So much love in the air.  A guy was holding a sign that said "FREE HUGS".  Too cute!

So here we go.  Day One.

Wine in a cup.  That's what we call BALLER STATUS!  


We made friends.  =)  She said she liked my top, I said I liked her hair feathers.  Official BFFs.

I'm a shortie today.  =P

Top - Urban Outfitters  |  Shorts - PacSun  |  Purse - Coach  |  Belt - ???  |  Sunglasses - Oliver Peoples  | Sandals - Tory Burch


Out of the way people!  DOS gotta potty!

Oh-em-gee!  So hotttt!  Thank goodness for the CTA cooling buses!  Best ever!

Jan Ban to the rescue!  That's not a peace sign or a Korean style victory sign.  That is a "gimme two beers" sign.  Best bartenders in Lolla!  Jan Ban and D located by the Bud Light stage.

Party time!  Whut whut!  Tinie Tempah!

Ooooh guuuuurrrlll... I likie your bracelet!

Gotta stay hydrated.

My trusty Tory Burch flats.  You gave me so many blisters at first but I broke you in and now you are under my control.

Tipsy and waiting for COLD PLAY!

Wahoo!!  What a great first day!

Time to rest up for tomorrow.  V's bridal shower!  Yay!  Then back to Lolla for Day Two - Cee-Lo and Eminem!  Hook-sta will be joining us.  It's gunna get wild!



Tysk at: August 6, 2011 at 11:27 AM said...

Killin the blog Dy! Also excellent job with the pictures, Tek.

DrunkOnShoes at: August 6, 2011 at 11:32 AM said...

thanks TYSK! TYSK TAX!

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