adventures in lolla land day two

And this was day two.  It started off rainy, then turned to humid hotness, then perfectly warm with a nice summer breeze.  Don't you just love Chicago weather?  You can almost get all four seasons in one day.  I glammed up my make-up for my readers.  You like?  I never do my make up these days.  So much time and effort.  But today was Eminem day so I had to make it special.  =)

Top - something from back in highschool  |  Shorts - 7 for all mankind  |  Shoes - Aldo  |  Watch - Juicy Couture  |  Bracelets & Earrings - Cram Chicago and Random Street Vendors in NYC

Thanks Jan Ban for getting the party started for us riiiiight.  I literally had a sports bottle full of wine.  Yes, I am fancy.

One of my besties!  She travels so much I hardly see her.  =(

It was so much crazier today.  Literally an ocean of people!  It was amazing and beautiful to see.

Behind the scenes in the beer tent.  =)

When starvation hits, you gotta have a burrito!  Burrito Beach Beef Brisket Burrito!!  Nom nom nom!  I had it on Friday, now Saturday, and I'm pretty sure I want it again on Sunday.  Hehehehe.  It got so hot we had to find a cooler location.  Grass space is a limited commodity during any performance.

Blog Nazi is on his liquid diet as usual.  He also has the smallest bladder known to man!  We had to take potty breaks every 10 minutes!

Hook-sta in the house!  It took us a while to find each other.  Note to self - Don't yell out "Hookers" while trying to find Hook.  Sends the wrong message.

Quadruple fisting!  And he really had to have the Lobster Corndogs from Grahamwich.  They were pretty bomb!  Isn't his panda shirt amazing!  Hahahaha, the zipper opens into a mouth.  

And holy cow!  Eminem rocked it!  He performed so many good hits!  Special surprise appearances from Bruno Mars and Skylar Grey.  Amazeballs!

Made more friends!  Canadians!  We always manage to find ourselves some Canadians!  Toronto baby!!

And of course Em pulls out an amazing encore.  Oy vey what a night!!  Hook is officially addicted.  Hook is hooked on Lolla!  =)

Day #2 officially in the books.  If I had energy, I would totally go celeb stalking right now.



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