floppity floppy hat

So ever wondered what my hair looks like down?  Well here you go!

Hehehe... JK!  This is soooooooo NOT my hair.  These are clip in hair extensions.  Woot!  They are so fun but I suck at putting them on.  And I suck at blending in my real hair with it.  Trust me, it may look super pretty in the front, but the back looks like poo.  I never have my hair down right now because I think it's such at a weird length.  I basically had to chop my locks because I burned a chunk of it when I was in Paris in November and I'm still waiting for it to grow out to the length I like.  So for now, when I want to have long flowy hair, it has to come from a package.  

I'm wearing one of my favorite jeans here.  DL1961 Roxy Flare Jean.  They make my tooshie look really nice and they don't change in size.  You know how some denim, after you wear it, it gets loose until you wash and dry it again?  These don't do that.  They still have a little stretch but won't get loose during the day.  They move really well with my body and make my legs look long and sassy.  I suggest you go give these jeans a try.  Grab a pair and be ready to check out your own bedonk for a while.

Also my previous post got me really wanting a floppy hat.  I made V go out with me during lunch to H&M to find that floppy hat but they didn't have it.  Finally I ended up at Charlotte Russe because I saw one in the window.  I haven't been in there since shopping for clubbing gear in high school!  LOL!  You know you did that too.  Charlotte Russe was perfect for that!  Fast forward 10 years later, and here I am.  I found my floppity floppy hat.  Yay!  What do you guys think?  Keeper?  No seriously, let me know.  I kept the tag on just in case you all think this hat is fail.  You can see it in this picture.  LOL!  I am so bad with wearing hats.  So I always have to think hard about it.  I think I still want to find the H&M one.

Isn't Blog Nazi getting much better at his photog skills?

Shirt - Club Monaco  |  Tank Top - Aritzia  |  Jeans - DL1961  |  Shoes - Miu Miu  |  Hat - Charlotte Russe

Oh yea!  Don't forget my awesome Oliver Peoples Emelita sunglasses!

These Miu Miu shoes pinch my third little toe but they are just so tall and easy to walk in.  I love them!

These pictures are really making me want to get more permanent extensions.  Although I like shorter hair because it's easier to put up and get out of your face, it's fun to have long hair.  But also takes forever to style, and gets all tangled around your neck when you sleep.  Sigh, why must there always be upsides and downsides to things?  It makes decision making so much harder!  Who knows, maybe I'll pull another hair stunt and get extensions out of nowhere.  The bangs turned out to be such a big hit and that too was a split second decision that came from frustration over tax software.  My hair changes usually come from a frustration at work.  The change to bangs was something I did during my lunch break with very little thought.  Thank goodness it turned out okay.

Whew!  Exhausted!  Wrigley always takes these opportunities to jump on me.  You can see him getting ready for it.

Not bad for an impromptu shoot huh?  Me and the hubs are getting better at this.  LOL.  Literally jammed extensions into my head, slapped on some powder, and ran to the roof.  Maybe next shoot I'll put in a little more effort.  So hard when you are trying to get photos before the sun goes down.



Tre at: August 5, 2011 at 8:55 AM said...

You sound exactly like me when it comes to my clip ins. I suck at putting them in so I never wear them. I think Minnie needs to give us a clip in weave lesson.

It's an everyday battle with me and my hair. Somedays I just want long locks, but other days I just want to chop it all off. Short hair won, chopping it tomorrow.

amers at: August 5, 2011 at 8:56 AM said...

you look fab! i like the hat! it reminds me of kim kardashian!

DrunkOnShoes at: August 5, 2011 at 9:55 AM said...

@tre - OMG I KNOWWWWWW!! Minnie is the ultimo queen of putting in clip ons. I dunno how she does it! Can't wait to see ur haircut!

@amers - thanks babes! I tried to go for a KK look with the hair too. I'm thinkin' yes for the extensions and I'll have them in for sanghee's wedding. Woot!

Zanga at: August 8, 2011 at 1:51 AM said...

shai, nice blog! i really like it a lot. keep it up! =)

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