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So many weddings, so many engagements, so much love!  In our group of friends, Blog Nazi and I were one of the first to tie the knot and boy did we open a can of worms.  After our wedding came a boom of engagements and nuptials.  Each year I look forward to attending weddings and getting surprised by new engagements.

So in the spirit of all things 'wedding' and since I have weddings on the brain this week, here are some pictures from my wedding and some of my favorites from some other special people's big day.

I went a little crazy and actually had three separate shoots.  One from my actual wedding day which was in the suburbs.  Two was a different day after the wedding to capture photos in Chicago.  And Three was also another day later where we did a trash the dress shoot.  (I did not trash my actual wedding dress.  Maybe I'll do that on my 5 year anniversary).  Enjoy!  These are some of the ones from my Chicago shoot.  All of my Chicago shoot photos were taken by the talented Belen from Gerber and Scarpelli.  Also Frank Lieu came out to take some shots.

Thanks you two!

Fun fact - this is no clip on bow tie.  I wanted real bow ties and went on YouTube and learned how to tie a bow tie.  Then I had to teach Blog Nazi.

Chicago Fun Fact - The palm trees on Oak Street beach where these beach pictures are taken are planted in each year before the summer and taken out before the winter.

Here are a couple fun ones I was able to dig up from my reception.

We played a game where I had to fondle some gentlemen booties and try to guess which one was my hubby's.  I may not have known right away which one was Blog Nazi's but I did know in an instant which one was Seunghak's rock solid buttocks.

I also had a fun fun fun photobooth.  I really wanted the old school retro kind.  So I booked 312Photobooth for my wedding.  They provided all the fun props and a scrapbook and a guy to watch over it and help guests.

(OMG!  Youns, Clee, Eskeelo!  If you guys click on the link, one of your photobooth pics from my wedding shows up on the main page.. LOL)

Eskeelo and D-shin
July 11, 2009

Photo credits to Gerber and Scarpelli

Dress - Priscilla of Boston (Vineyard Collection)  |  Veil - Vera Wang  |  Earrings - Cartier Himalia Diamond Drop Earrings

Eskeelo and D-Shin got married about a month after I did and it was the very first wedding I coordinated.  WOOOOT!  They had a pretty large wedding which made it all the more fun.  Doesn't Eskeelo have the most glorious smile in the world?  

These two are such an amazing pair.  They even write on each other's Facebook walls when they are in their house but in separate rooms.  And Esther is one of those people you just fall in love with.  She has such a genuine personality.  I love going to her with good news or when I am upset because she is one of those rare people that totally feel what you are feeling.  When I am excited or happy she is over the moon, just as excited and happy as I am.  When I am upset, she really feels my pain like she's going through it too.  It's amazing!  And David? Well, David is charismatic and charming as heck.  Who else can bite my arm and insult me, then smile and tell a joke and make me forget to be mad at him?

Abby and Ryan
August 29, 2009

Photo credits to Pen Carlson

Yup, that's DOS in the back holding everyone's purses.  =)

Abby and Ryan was the second wedding I had the extreme pleasure of coordinating.  She found me on a post I put up on Weddingbee offering free 'day-of-coordinating' services since I was on such a wedding high.  I'm so glad I was a part of their day.  She had such amazing details to her wedding and it was so fun to work with such a creative and beautiful bride.  I surprised her with some bubble tubes for her big day.  

Made it into another pic.  Woot!  I am a ninja!

Thanks Abby and Ryan for putting your trust in me and letting me coordinate your amazing wedding.  I hope I contributed to you having a stress-free and smooth day.  I absolutely loved everything you did!  Bouquets, amazing.  Colors, amazing.  Monogram, amazing.  Wedding programs, amazing.  Table numbers, amazing.  Placecard setting, amazing.  Centerpieces, amazing.  Textured wall lighting, amazing.  Pink lit-up bar, amazing.  I wish you had planned my wedding.  Hehehehe...

Seriously obsessed with her flowers.  OBSESSED!

Done by Vale of Enna.  Grace, it was so nice working with you this day.  You are crazy talented!

Dress - Jim Hjelm  |  Jewelry - Custom made by Lady Maye  |  Shoes - I think they are Tory Burch.  She was lucky enough to be able to wear flats!!

Not gunna lie, I chased down these apps like a jungle cat.

I told them they just HAD to take some night shots.  So we snuck out right before the photographers left.  Such a cool picture.  Really ridiculously great job to the Pen Carlson team!  Takes madd skill to make construction look this good.  =)

Caroline and Vic
June 26, 2010

Photo credits to Chennergy

Dress - Demetrios  |  Jewelry - NY Jewelers

I helped coordinate this wedding too.  But I missed almost the entire ceremony.  I was handling the preparations at their reception at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.  But I heard that Vic vowed to stop playing Counterstrike, which later we find out he just replaced it with Starcraft.  Hahahahaha!!  Tricked ya real good Caroline.  The reception was super fun and sorry your family members thought the "wedding coordinator" was going crazy on the dance floor.  Guess we should have mentioned sooner that I was a friend and also a guest.

Amers and Phil
September 3, 2010

Photo credits to SecondPrint Productions

Dress - Priscilla of Boston (Vineyard Collection)  |  Veil - Handmade by a friend (WOW)  |  Shoes - Badgley Mischka

Amers had the most amazing set of sexy ladies at her side on her big day.  This group is one big fun ball and it was non-stop silliness all day.  These girls are pros and can strike a pose in a split second.  They may call themselves the K-Plastics but they are the sweetest group of gals.  You just can't stand too close or you will start feeling ugly next to them.  The trick is to approach them one at a time so you don't get too overwhelmed by their hotness.  Hehehehe.. You had to be there to truly appreciate this picture.  I don't even remember how it started!  Hyej apparently missed all the action.  LOL.  Can you tell who the real preggo eggo is?  Could it be Grace with her square sized baby?

Aren't they too cute?!

I coordinated this wedding and it was by far the most on schedule wedding I've done.  Hehehe.. Amers and I are both type A when it comes to these things so it's not a shocker that her day went smoother than silk.  Doesn't she look amazing?!

My Dress - Club Monaco

Chyoo and Josh
June 10, 2011

Photo credits to SecondPrint Productions

This was my first wedding of 2011 and totally kicked off a great 2011 wedding season!  Christina looked absolutely stunning in her one shoulder Maggie Sottero.  Christina is such a ball of fun.  We didn't get to spend much time together but every time I see her, she likes to pick me up off the ground when she hugs me.  Hehehehe...  I noticed tall people like to do this to me.  Josh on the other hand, is my dancing nemesis.  We like to have C-walk duels.  I do a little practice at home before I see him, and blast some old school gangsta rap in my living room to get in the mood.  Sadly the couple moved to the east coast shortly after the wedding.  What the heck guys!?  =(  

Dress - Maggie Sottero  |  Shoes - Nina  |  Jewelry - Nadri


For all my friends' weddings that I coordinate, when the bouquet gets tossed, my job is done.  Then I proceed to burn a hole on the dance floor.  WHUT WHUT!!!!  There always manages to be some insane picture of me busting a move.  The one on the right is called.. *snap snap.. strike a pose*

Dress - Some random boutique in NYC

OH MAH GAH to these next pics!  Don't even ask.  Saddest part is that these aren't even the worst ones!  I am going to kill Albert for this!  I'm pretty sure I'm C-walk battling Josh in these.  AAAAAND... I'm pretty sure I won.  BOOYAH!  I was battling so hard I almost lost a shoe.

Dress - French Connection (although these pictures are sooooooo NOT flattering)  |  Flats - Vera Wang Lavender Collection
Jewelry - David Yurman

Photo credits to SecondPrint Productions

If you are having a wedding in the Chicago-land area and need a day of coordinator, shoot me an email.  =)  I've got lots of references.  Hehehehe...

I literally have thousands of pictures from my wedding.  When I manage to upload the ones from my actual wedding day, I'll show you guys.

Dress - Amsale (style Bali)  |  Shoes - Christian Louboutin (style Very Prive with lace overlay)  |  Veil - Toni Federici  |  Earrings - Cartier Caresse d'Orchidees White Gold and Diamond Triple Orchid Earrings  |  Bracelet - Cartier three strand Pearl and Diamond Bracelet 

Little White Dress - Amsale (style -Lexi)

Both dresses were ordered from my favorite Chicago Bridal Boutique!  Belle Vie on Oak Street!  Whassup LADIES!!!!

If you want more info on any of these weddings such as the vendors, locations, etc... just shoot me an email at drunkonshoes@gmail.com

Won't have a new post for a few days.  Jenny and Donny's wedding this weekend!  Putting my blogger hat down and putting my coordinator hat on.  My coordinator hat is a lot bossier.  Love it!

Want to end up on my next weddings post?  Then invite me to your wedding!  DUH!



JJ Kim at: August 19, 2011 at 10:36 AM said...

i was so lucky to be part of some of those weddings, Shai!!!
It all started from yours, i will never forget.
drinks on me!!!

DrunkOnShoes at: August 19, 2011 at 10:42 AM said...

DEAL!!! I love seeing you at these weddings. Heheheh.. especially when I'm coordinating. =) makes it a million times easier!

Eskeelo at: August 20, 2011 at 9:49 AM said...

Awww..I love the post! Makes me want to re-live my wedding day again. Thanks for being the best wedding coordinator ever! Keep em coming DOS!! Love you!

amers at: August 20, 2011 at 10:14 PM said...

LOVE LOVE the post! you are the best coordinator ever!! i miss my wedding~ sigh...

Annie at: August 22, 2011 at 1:59 PM said...

this post made me want to get married. lol

clee! at: August 22, 2011 at 7:14 PM said...

whatta fun, personalized, gorgeous post! my faves are the ones of you dancing. you seriously know how to tear up the dance floor! miss you!!

k133n at: August 22, 2011 at 9:45 PM said...

Awesome job coordinating this weekend. You were semi-bossy.

If you want me to invite you to my wedding, then find me a man. DUH! Love you :)

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