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So my last three posts were all about Lollapalooza but I also had another fun event this weekend that requires special attention.  V's Bridal Shower.  We ate food, played games, and "ooh-ed" and "aah-ed" at presents.  Sorry I was ghetto and gave you cash monaaaay.  I had zero time to go gift shopping!  =(

I hope this blog post makes up for it.  =)  Congrats you two and have an amaze-tastic wedding in Costa Rica.

We played the shoe game which is a game I saw played at a friend's wedding years ago (Hi Eugene and Jean).  So the game goes that the bride and groom sit back to back and each are holding one of their own shoe and one of their partner's shoe.  Then someone asks a series of questions and they answer using the shoes.  For example, "Who's most likely to get lost?"  The couple then holds up the shoe of the person they think is most likely to get lost.  Whether it's the bride or the groom.  It's funny to see what they agree on and what they don't.  The other people in the room just try to guess on which questions they will agree on and which ones they will disagree on.  I was too busy taking pictures to play but I'm pretty sure I would have won this.  FYI - on the "Who wears the pants?" - DISAGREED.  LOL, classic!  Welcome to marriage baby!

Matt is totally ready!



V tried to cheat and got caught up!

What cute little favors!

They also had an advice box but I forgot to drop some knowledge bombs in there.  So here you go.

1.  Farting in front of each other is endearing at first but not after 7 years so start saying excuse me and let the other person know when you just did it under the blanket.  It's so messed up when you get no warning.  And yea, after you get married, it is sooooooooo not cute anymore.

2.  Don't ever lose sight of "Date Nights".  And I'm not talking dinner and a movie.  I'm talking getting dolled up and dressed up, M wearing some sort of dress shoe, V in a dress and some stilettos.  And there should be some sort of flower slash present action going on.

3.  Don't forget your single friends.  They still need love and attention too!

4.  Try to do a Hollywood kiss.  After so many years of kissing the same person, it gets lame and bland.  It becomes more of a peck than a real kiss like when you first started dating.  So once in a while, make it good.  Hollywood kiss style!

Also they had a recipe box for some recipes to share with the bride.  The recipe cards came with the bridal shower invites and of course I left mine at work.  Man I am so ill-prepared for this shower!  Sorry V.  LOL!  I will give it to you at work.  


Congrats again you two crazy love birds!

Just had to add this picture... hehehe.



Victoria Chen at: August 9, 2011 at 2:05 PM said...

I love love this post!! Of course :) Man your camera is awesome girl. It captures the day perfectly! The advice was my fav ;). Maybe I should apologize more... puhahaha

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