Saturday was a confusing day.  An awesome photog friend of mine, TumTum, planned an event called "I DO - Matrix 360 Virtual Camera Project" which is a pretty fun and creative project for a group of photogs.  I can't wait until it's all put together so I can show you guys.  So he set up this event and asked Blog Nazi and I to come since it was supposed to be themed around weddings/marriage.  At first it was scheduled to be outside but since there was chance of rain, he sent out an update to move it to an indoor location.  But when Saturday came around, he made another last minute change to move it back outside because it had stopped raining.  Needless to say, I did NOT get the memo and dressed for an indoor shoot.  We went to the indoor location, and no one was there.  We ended up meeting them up on a hill in the Lakeview area.  I was pretty much freezing the whole time.  Thanks Tums!  Good thing I had a jacket.  It was pretty much overcast for most of the time we were out there shooting.  But luckily, when it was our turn to do our thaaaang, the sun came out beaming and it felt like it was 75 degrees directly under the sun.  Like I said, it was a confusing day.  It went from 50 degrees overcast with a light drizzle and me freezing under my jacket, to sunny and me sweating in my dress.  Blog Nazi and I took advantage of the nice weather to get some quick shots up on our roof after the project.

Dress - Madison Marcus  |  Shoes - Christian Louboutin Greissimo  |  Bracelets - CRAM  |  Earrings - Top Shop

The dress runs big for an XS, the waist doesn't exactly cinch the way I want it to.  It's just kinda hanging off of me.  Since this was a final sale dress, I have to get it altered.  Bleh.  I don't know if you can tell I am trying to hold up the dress by pinning my arms to my side or holding up the waist with my hands.  Hahahaha...  the random poses are also serving a dual purpose.  LOL.  Also the dress is really see-through.  I had to wear this really weird body-con strapless slip that is really uncomfortable and loose from like 4 years ago.  I had to keep doing that thing where we women reach in through right under our armpit to grab our bra/whatever and do a little shimmy shake to re-adjust.  I always think no one notices but I think it's the female equivalent to when guys re-adjust their junk.  They seem to think no one notices either.  But we do.  We SURELY do.  Why do these kinds of dresses never have enough internal layering to make it NON-see-through?!  Sheesh, one of the risks of buying final sale items.  No returns.  Maybe I'll try to alter this myself.  Wish me luck.

Aren't my Loubs so delish?  It was such an impractical purchase (my dad is shaking his head in disappointment right about now) because how often do you really wear white shoes?  Especially white shoes with navy blue patterned stripes.  Ah who the hell cares.  They are mine and I love them!

Anyhoo, it was a super fun and different kind of day.  Thanks again for inviting us along Tums!  We had a blast hanging out with everyone, meeting some funny and amazing people, and taking some super cool pictures.  Can't wait to see the final product!  I hope the pictures I took don't suck so bad.  =/  

Here's a little teaser from Mike Maravilla of Unscene Media Group and Chris Kim of Chris Kim Photography.  Isn't it AMAZEBALLS?!  Who knew Blog Nazi could jump that high?!  Behind my smile is pure terror of a possible crotch impact to the back of my head.

Visit TumTum's site HERE and Mike's UMG site HERE



devin olivia at: September 30, 2011 at 6:37 PM said...

I love your shoes I def want to get at least one pair hehe
Loving your photos as well

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