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Happy happy birthday Eskeelo!  Saturday night, a bunch of the best people I know got together to celebrate an oober special birthday for one of the hottest new mommies in Chicago land.  We went to Sun Wah BBQ, which hands down has the best peking duck I have ever had!  It was Eskee's first time and I think she'll be going back again and again.  We had too many people with us so we got split into two tables.  But it was still a good time.  Lots of good food, birthday presents, and cake.  And let's not forget to mention, play time with the happiest, bounciest, most dead-on David look alike ever.  I kept sneaking little Joshie noodles to munch on.  In return, he takes one of his little cookies and starts to feed it to me.  But once it hit my lip, he would quickly retract it and eat it himself.  Hmmmm... I wonder where he learned that from?

These two are probably the happiest little family I have ever met.  Joshie was the perfect addition.  I love the Shins!

Maaaaan, look at this baby!!  Don't you just want to chew on his cheeks?  and arms?  and fingers?

Joshie reaching for beer.  Dad looks proud.

I hope you like my gift Eskee!  I saw it and thought, "Omg, this is so Eskeelo!"

Not quite sure where Youns is looking.

Esther doing the total mom "look at the camera" move to Josh.  LoL!

Some of my favorite blog readers =)  I love you ladies!  Nice job taking the pic Jimmy.  Why are you pointing Meows?

Cutie couples alert!  I gotta say, these are some lucky guys.

Youner's kept looking away.  Boooooooo.  Sorry Eric, you get a solo shot.

Tek likes to brag and say that Joshie loves him.  Uuummmmm... I dunno about all of that.

I totally forgot to take pictures of the food.  Here's one from the internet.

If you decide to go, definitely get the Peking duck dinner.  But also try the Singapore style curry noodles, salt and pepper shrimp (best I've ever had and I've tried many places), baby bok choy tips, roast pork, and fish with onion and scallions.  I actually don't think you could go wrong with anything on the menu.  Be careful ordering too much food.  It's easy to forget that the Peking duck dinner comes with soup and fried rice/noodles.  Oh and always order more buns right from the beginning.  One duck dinner comes with six but I swear to you, you will need at least twelve.  Hehehe... happy eating!  Sun Wah BBQ is also BYOB (though they do have a bottle charge).

Also, no clear outfit picture.  Woops.  Spent too much time behind the camera this time.  Es, maybe you can comment and let the world know what you are wearing.  =)  Loved your blazer!

Top - Anthropologie  |  Bodycon tank dress - Aritzia

Again a big happy birthday to the lovely Eskeelo!  <3



J Meows at: September 19, 2011 at 10:13 AM said...

i know you lost your eyeliner, powder and scarf but you still looked stylin'! hey, btw, can i say that i think that while i've enjoyed your writing from the start of the blog, i think your writing has improved even though i didn't think it needed improving upon!
i like eskeelo's bold indigo/violet jacket too! and amy's sweater/cape thing. it was so cute.
lastly, why's my face so big? ugh! i need a face diet.
o, that was not lastly i guess...this is: dear joshy woshy, you're so adorable it hurts!

Anonymous at: September 19, 2011 at 1:09 PM said...

Shai!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for this sweet birthday post! Definitely made my day :)

I absolutley LOVE the top and scarf you got me. If I could, I would wear it everyday. No joke.
Thanks for taking these pictures! Your blog is going to be a great memory keepsake for yourself and everyone else:)
Btw, my blazer's from Zara. I was so excited to finally wear it. I love the color, but its sometimes a little challenging to pair it up with some of my outfits.
Thanks again for the shoutout! Love you mucho grande <3

h to the j at: September 19, 2011 at 2:10 PM said...

I love birthdays because it brings everyone together, whose next???

Good job on the scarf you got Esther, it matched her blue blazer pOifectly.

DrunkOnShoes at: September 19, 2011 at 2:18 PM said...

meows - i love you for reading everything.. not everyone does. hahaha... gawd, i am still so sad about my scarf. =( it was such a pretty one. and ur face is not big! ur face is angelic and always makes me smile!

eskeelo - glad you liked the post. feel special because u ARE special. and that blazer can go with sooooooooo many things!

soho - i think it's sad we can only get together for birthdays and eyelash appointments! btw, ur namja is a kyootie-patootie. thumbs up! didn't really get a chance to talk one on one much but we will soon! so i can tell him how big of a soho u are. hahahaha... btw, no complaints on the pictures i used? that's a first.

hyej at: September 19, 2011 at 7:45 PM said...

i gotta say, the cam really does add 10 lbs. or my face is just normally that round and big. hm.

had such a great time at dinner! i spotted you snap snap snapping away~

hyej at: September 19, 2011 at 7:48 PM said...

i just realized i was chowing down on the largest bowl of pasta as i wrote that. mm..yea. def the latter of that statement~

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