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I have to last one more month through my tax season before I can breathe a little.  Even though this is nothing compared to what I dealt with in public accounting, it's still rough.  So because I have had very minimal time to blog, it's back to using the handy dandy iPhone camera and various glimpses and weird shots to show you my outfit because I am limited to what I can do.  =)  On a completely random note, I totally dropped my banana somewhere between my train stop and the office.  How can no one tell me my banana fell out of my bag?  C'mon now people!  I was so looking forward to eating it in the morning.

So I have reached over 10,000 page views in two months!  Ohmigosh!  I'd like to think that is good news.  I really wasn't sure how much people would enjoy reading my rants.  I want to thank all my friends for their support and especially the ones that comment and spread the blog around.  You guys are the absolute bestest!  BIG BIG thanks to everyone for stopping by and perusing through my little blog.  I hope you have enjoyed my random thoughts and musings as well as the pictures.  And most of all I hope it has made you laugh in some way or brought a smile to your face.  In celebration, and as a thank you, I am planning to do a giveaway (once I figure out what to give away... lol).  The winner will be  selected from my list of followers.  Get a head start and click the "Join this Site" button on the upper right side of the blog.  And STAY TUNED!

Here is a shot of today's shoesies.  Designed by L.A.M.B.  They look spacey!  Or in the words of my coworker, "trippy".

Oh well, back to my tax returns.  Thank goodness Blog Nazi made me a wicked awesome mix of old school R&B songs.  (Thanks honey!)  And yes, I know what is old school to me may not be old school to everyone.  My older co-workers always laugh at me when I say something is so old school but it's totally from their generation.  Woops!  Insert foot in mouth.  LOL.  It works both ways though.  I had a harsh dose of reality when 17 year old sister had no idea what "Gangster's Paradise by Coolio" was.

We were sitting there watching Green Hornet, the one with Seth Rogen and Jay Chou as Kato.  Well for those that don't know, Jay Chou is also a Chinese popstar.  I told this to my sister before the movie started.  So the scene comes up where they get into the Green Hornet's car for the first time and Seth Rogen (as the Green Hornet) pops in a CD and Gangster's Paradise comes on.  You know that intro beat is so sick and is instantly recognizable.  I proceed to laugh hysterically and I'm nudging my sister and she's laughing too.  Then Jay Chou proceeds to sing the part that goes "tell me why are weeeeeee so blind to seeeeee" and my sister looks at me, us both still laughing, and says "So is this one of his songs?"  She actually thought Gangster's Paradise was a song by the Chinese popstar.  Instantly my laughing stops.  Realization washes over me that there is a huge age gap between me and my sister.  We have so much fun together that I forget she's 10 years younger than me.  But here's the kicker!!!!  My DAD pops his head out and goes, "Debs, you don't know this song?!"  Oy vey.

Sweater/Cardigan - Coop by Barneys New York  |  Tank - t.babaton  |  Skirt - Talula  |  Shoes - L.A.M.B.

Here are some jams I am jamming to whilst working away on state returns.

I'm Still In Love with you - New Edition  |  All Cried Out - Allure  |  Anything - 3T  |  Sukiyaki - PM  |  Cupid - 112  |  Twisted - Keith Sweat  |  No One Else Comes Close - Joe  |  I Gotta Be - Jagged Edge  |  I Don't Want to be Lonely - Az Yet  |  So Much In Love - All 4 One  |  All or Nothing - O-Town  |  Without You - Mariah Carey

And many many more.  It's getting real emotional up in my desk.  And yes, I am lip syncing as I work.  Once, my manager caught me snapping along to the beat and making hand gestures to a song.  She came over specifically to laugh at me.  Sigh.  Busy season makes me look insane.  I went over and let my manager listen to my playlist today and she was definitely diggin' the jams as much as I was.  We were singing for a little bit at her desk.  Hahahahaha.. she kept saying "This is that 'make ya feeeeeeel good' music."  And when she said it she did a little body roll.  LOL!  Gawd, I love her.

What other songs should I add to my R&B list?



Monica at: September 14, 2011 at 9:37 AM said...

your boss sounds so cool! i wish i had a boss like that!! you and my husband would get along... he is always singing along to R&B slow jams!

eskeelo at: September 14, 2011 at 10:08 AM said...

you should add some n'sync to your mix! i loved their entire 'celebrity' album. i think i might just dl it now. haha.

on a side note: everytime i try to comment under my google account, it won't let me. soooo annoying!

another side note: LOVE your outfit. you look so comfortable and stylin' at the same time. my type of look!

DrunkOnShoes at: September 14, 2011 at 10:41 AM said...

mon - u got urself a good man

eskeelo - yea u know i got some nsync in there! and yea i am dressing suuuuper comfy at work these days. busy season and all. have yet to get in trouble for it. hahaha..

SAUCY | f. | BABY at: October 9, 2011 at 6:33 PM said...

WOW! Those shoes are amazing!

You have such a beautiful smile!

--- Nicole

DrunkOnShoes at: October 9, 2011 at 9:50 PM said...

aw thanks nicole!! yea they are some spacey lookin shoes =D

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