Wednesday Wishlist 2/15/12


Sorry about the total skip on last week's Wednesday Wishlist!  Here's a great one for ya!  I adore this AllSaints jacket.  It has so many cool design elements.  You have got to click the link and check out the back side of this jacket.  So yummy.  The TEXTILE Elizabeth and James flares are also so great.  The frayed hem makes it so casual and free.  I've also been itching to get another Alexander McQueen scarf and nothing can beat skulls AND leopard print right?!  The Acne sweater is a definite must in every closet.  Something so easy to throw on when you don't want to think about your outfit.  The L.A.M.B. shoes are perfect for any outfit and definitely can hold it's own in the wow factor.  It has just a tad bit of fringe and we all know how I feel about fringe these days.  <3  I'm not so good with jewelry and rings just because nothing ever really fits me that well.  But I can acknowledge that this Elizabeth and James ring is flippin' awesome!  Also loving this portfolio clutch from ASOS.  I think I'm definitely going to have to snag this when pay day comes around.  Oh wait, that's today!  Woot!  More outfit posts from NYC to come so keep visiting daily!  =)



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